Tank Takeover

Tank Takeover is an arena arcade-style local multiplayer game for two to four players. It was made during the last seven weeks of a Gamelab course.

I was the programming lead in this project, I assigned tasks to the other programmers and ensured they were done in time. We started the project with two programmers, halfway through the semester another team member was assigned to do the programming for the user interface, and at the end of the semester a fourth programmer was brought in to work with us on the gameplay.

In the case of programming work I mostly worked on the tank movement, game controls (in the menus and during gameplay), and implementing the in-game user interface.

Of all games created during that course Tank Takeover was awarded the Best Design and Best Game awards. We decided that we wanted to continue developing Tank Takeover and applied to and were selected to show our game at the INDIGO showing by the Dutch Game Garden at Gamescom 2013.

Tank Takeover was entered into the Online Finals of the Games competition of the Imagine Cup but did not get past the first round.

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Project Details

Project TypeSchool project turned side project
Project TimespanNovember 2012 - May 2014
RoleGameplay Programmer & Programming Lead
Tools & TechnologyUnity, XInput
Current StatusFinished / Work stopped
Team Lead
Design Lead
Art Lead
Design & Art
Mark Moes
Thomas Möhlmann
Michael Haliwela
Ben Neuteboom
Thomas Schmidt
Art & Web