OpenRA controller support and PS4™ port

The goal of this project was to create a usable control scheme for a traditional RTS game using a controller. To achieve this a part of OpenRA (Website) was ported to the PS4™ with an implementation to use a DualShock™4 controller. The major features of this control scheme are listed below.

Project Details

Project TypeSchool Project
Project TimespanSeptember 2014 - December 2014
Tools & TechnologyPlayStation®4, C#, Mono
Current StatusFinished, occasional side project


Thanks to Playstation®First for providing DevKits.
Original game assets are property of Electronic Arts, Inc.
Thanks to Xamarin and the Mono community for their work on Mono.
Thanks to the OpenRA community for their work on OpenRA.
Special thanks to Westwood Studios for developing Command & Conquer.