IceBreakers++ is a game for three to six players that takes place on a ping pong table. The table was built using the PingPong++ instructions provided by the MIT Media Lab. The playing field is projected on top of the table with a beamer that is suspended from the ceiling. The game has one to four players controlling penguins with Xbox 360 controllers, and two other players playing ping pong or throwing a ping pong ball. The primary objective of the penguin players is to pick up bombs and deposit them near the castles in the middle to blow them up. Their secondary objective is to accumulate points by collecting fish.
The primary objectives of the ping pong players are to prevent the castles from being blown up and to kill all the penguins. Penguins are killed when they are hit by a ping pong ball, when they fall into a hole in the icey floor, and when they are hit by the blast of an exploding bomb. Holes in the floor are created by repeatedly hitting the same spot with a ping pong ball, and bombs can be set off by hitting them with a ping pong ball.

During this project I was the programming lead, dividing the tasks and ensuring they are done in time. I was also responsible for implementing a part of the gameplay and getting the ping pong table to work.

Before this project I had never extensively worked with an Arduino and other electronics before, I have learned a lot during this project and it was a lot of fun to work with.

Pictures & Screenshots

Gameplay video

Project Details

Project TypeSchool Project
Project TimespanFebruary 2014 - April 2014
RoleGameplay Programmer, Programming Lead & Hardware Fixer
Tools & TechnologyUnity, XInput, Electronics, Arduino, PingPong++
Current StatusFinished
Team Lead & Design Lead
Thomas Schmidt
Art Lead
Stefan Haneveer
Alexander van der Werf